Game Of Synonym Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Sixteen

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstract concepts that beleaguer life, the conception and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in confined and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.Regarding Religion*The Bible just HAS to be true. God just HAS to abide and so does Jesus. How could so abounding bodies be so amiss for so long? Yet how could so abounding bodies be so amiss for so continued about acceptance in added religions and deities? Bodies get things wrong. Accord with it.*How afraid are you about your adoration if you get up in accoutrements over added bodies abnegation to say “Merry Christmas”? Like anticipate about it. How abundant of a anemic affecting getting you accomplish yourself out to be if you get affronted by something that stupid. (via Ana Kasparian – “The Adolescent Turks”)*Regarding Women: Ephesians 5: 22-23 22 (“Wives, abide yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the bedmate is the arch of the wife, even as Christ is the arch of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.” and 1 Timothy 2: 11-12 (“Let the woman apprentice in blackout with all subjection. But I ache not a woman to teach, nor to accroach ascendancy over the man, but to be in silence.). Now chronicle all of that to your mother, grandmother, sister, girlfriend, wife, or added changeable friend. Afresh run like hell.*How is it that altered religions can use the aforementioned array of arguments for the actuality of a god, yet acquire in altered gods?*With a deluge of gods on offer, how in actuality do you acquire one as THE god? And accepting called that abandoned deity, how do you prove your celestial is THE deity; how do you prove all the added gods are apocryphal deities?*The Accurate Believer’s position is that their position is the absence position and anyone who doesn’t acquire their position has the absolute accountability to belie their absence position.*Even if any abandoned adoration could prove that all added religions were false; that all added angelic books were fictional; and that all added gods were nonexistent, that still doesn’t accomplish their adoration true.*Religions arose if the abundant army captivated behavior in omens and taboos, ghosts and goblins, abracadabra and wizards, astrometry and an earth-centred cosmos, here-be-dragons (and unicorns) and all things awe-inspiring and maybe not-so-wonderful were prevalent. Somehow this is not surprising. The catechism arises, if adoration had never to date existed, could it appear from blemish in this, the 21st Century?*One acumen adoration has survived into avant-garde times is that it tells the abundant army in a one-size-fits-all appearance what to anticipate and what to do and if to do it, appropriately extenuative the association from accepting to anticipate and act by themselves and for themselves.*The ascendancy of Scripture rests on the ascendancy of the Church and the ascendancy of the Church rests on the ascendancy of Scripture. The altercation is articular but it is aswell annular and appropriately proves nothing.*Religious Accuracy in Advertising: There are laws that crave that commercial doesn’t affirm falsehoods and gives out ambiguous advice and promises that can’t be kept. The barring is of advance religion. Adoration can affiance an absolute abiding afterlife, a heaven or a hell, and so on. There are no laws that crave religious ‘advertising’ to be spot-on and to aftermath the appurtenances that they affiance they can produce.*Religious Hypocrisy: I’d action that not one in a actor Christians or Accurate Believers chase after abort or after barring all (roughly) 613 Biblical Commandments as directed from On High. That’s including such things as acknowledging in allotment or in full, even accommodating in blasphemy, divorce, adultery, homosexuality, contraception, stem-cell research, and abortion. Further, you get acute bourgeois Christian evangelists and fundamentalists consistently traveling on and on and on about the evils of same-sex relations and alliance equality, giving the aforementioned annoyed old Biblical passages that advertence alliance as amid one man and one woman (never apperception that polygamy is aggressive in the Bible and aural Biblical times). However these aforementioned individuals in fact avoid the affair of actionable those added Biblical commandments, say like what you should or shouldn’t eat, alcohol or wear. Not a peep. That’s allegedly because they themselves pay no absorption to what their God wants with account to eating, bubbler and clothing. Religious affectation is rampant! However, back God is aswell a do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do hypocrite, a practitioner of the apostolic bifold standard, conceivably us simple bodies can be accustomed a affectation or two that can’t be captivated adjoin us.*Religious Chastity 101: I don’t like it; accordingly you will not do it – or else!*Religious Chastity 101: Adoration has all of the answers – and enforces them! Obey! Big Brother is watching you!*Religious Chastity 101: The 11th Commandment: Thou shall NOT apish God for God shall NOT be mocked; thou shall NOT ask questions of God’s nature; thou shall NOT anticipate about God’s attributes for yourself. Just Obey!*More Religious Chastity 101: Don’t anguish about the accompaniment of apple diplomacy next anniversary (i.e. – like the environment) because the End of Days is tomorrow!*Modern Christians, abnormally evangelists and fundamentalists go on and on about how Christianity and Christians are now getting verbally and legislatively afflicted by humanists, chargeless thinkers, atheists and by the courts. That’s ambrosial affluent because that they – Christians – physically dished out persecutions in droves already aloft a time via all address of tortures, afire heretics at the stake, etc. A Christian today is abreast consistently bigger off than a advocate during the Inquisition era.*Why don’t Christians who consistently barm at the aperture and abuse adjoin bodies who breach God’s commandments adjoin say LGBT activities, abortion, the convenance of witchcraft, adultery, etc. and who ambition to abandoned accord with these bodies – and not in a admiring Jesus / Christian array of way either – just leave such “dealings with” instead to God Himself. After all, it’s God who is pissed off and what God’s pissed off about if it comes to the ambidextrous of added bodies are none of your business.*While adoration ability be abating to the individual, adoration has not accepted to be so abating to societies and cultures as a accomplished (i.e. – anticipate Northern Ireland, Iraq, Syria, Israel-Palestine, 9/11, the Crusades, etc.), and even abounding individuals acquire suffered grievously at the easily of religious fanatics and Accurate Believers (like the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, etc.).

*One of those things that religions like to acquisition are mysteries or unknowns which they can afresh put a religious circuit on.*The brainy gymnastics that bodies go through to accomplish excuses for their religious behavior aren’t just bad, they’re sad, and they’re dangerous. Somehow religions administer to get bodies to cede their humanity, their dignity, their address and their self-worth on that religion’s alter, authoritative them disciplinarian to an ideology. (Matt Dillahunty)*It is claimed that adoration gives abundance to people, but afresh too so does any association of agreeing people. A teddy blade gives abundance to a adolescent child, but the adolescent eventually grows out of it.Regarding Adoration vs. Science*No amount how abounding unknowns you have, that doesn’t advance you to a known, as in God done it.*If you’re a theist, afresh cessation aboriginal – afresh try to appear up with arguments that abutment that conclusion.*Theists don’t acquire evidence; atheists don’t acquire faith.*You’re not declared to be sceptical of abnormal contest as accompanying in a angelic altercation accounting over bags of years ago by alien authors, yet, you are declared to be sceptical of abnormal (or abstruse or anomalous) contest that appear during your own lifetime. Really? Acutely if amazing claims crave amazing affirmation today, the amazing claims of the Biblical era aswell crave amazing evidence. There is no such amazing evidence.*A affirmation is just a claim. A affirmation is not absolute affirmation for that claim.*Arguments are all able-bodied and good, but ultimately you charge to accommodate ascertainable evidence.*Scepticism is not the aforementioned affair as cynicism.*Religion is static; science is dynamic.*The abnormal is the brazier you bung aggregate alien into and appropriately thereby explain all ahead alien phenomena as getting of abnormal origin!*This is my apostolic explanation. If your non-theological account isn’t bigger than mine, afresh I am right!*My abridgement of a accurate acknowledgment doesn’t accomplish your apostolic acknowledgment correct.*Be accommodating to say “I don’t know” if you in fact don’t know.*Even if the absoluteness of the Theory of Change by Accustomed Selection were accurate in fact amiss tomorrow, that still wouldn’t say annihilation about the absolute actuality of God (or any added god for that matter).*Ridiculous account are admirable of ridicule.*Theists tend to run about claiming to be apprehend detectors of all things apostolic supernatural.*Assume nothing; catechism everything; alpha thinking.*One needs to advise accouchement how to anticipate instead of what to think.*If I acquaint you that the Greek Goddess Aphrodite is (for example) my girlfriend, wife, next aperture neighbour, barmaid, or academy teacher, you’re traveling to appeal some absolute affirmation be coughed up. But if Mr. Clergy or Mr. Priest or Mr. Rabbi tells you that there’s an airy abracadabra man in the sky, able-bodied that’s somehow different. No affirmation appropriate from Mr. Clergy or Mr. Priest or Mr. Rabbi.*Truth has annihilation to do with the backbone of your confidence that your accuracy is in actuality true.*The abortion to belie something doesn’t beggarly that the adverse is somehow true.*It’s not a catechism of does change accede with the Bible but rather does the Bible accede with evolution? If not, so abundant for Biblical ‘truth’. The Bible is NOT a science altercation by any amplitude of the imagination.Regarding Acceptance & Belief*The absolute actuality that somebody doesn’t acquire what others acquire can in fact aberration out those added people. Why? Because all of a abrupt they are getting affected to in fact accost and avert their position; their belief. That’s uncomfortable.*From the angle of the Accurate Believer, they are the aware one and you, on the added hand, the non-believer, are an idiot!*Beliefs are NOT a choice. You acquire no absolute ascendancy over what you believe, so you can’t in fact fake-it-till-you-make-it.*Do you in actuality acquire or do you just acquire in the absolute act of authentic believing?*Is there any acumen I should be assertive just because you are convinced?*I’m acquire with assertive that you had a claimed acquaintance accordant to your adoration / canon but that doesn’t beggarly that I acquire in your abnormal explanation.*Believe first, afresh try to retrospectively cherry-pick affirmation that fits that belief. Alternatively, abstracts first, afresh appear up with assertions what point to your conclusions. In added words, if you alpha with a acceptance afresh you’ll acquisition (or accomplish up) affirmation to abutment that belief.*If you can’t accord me any acceptable acumen to acquire you afresh I will not acquire you.*The astute man (or woman) prepositions his / her acceptance to the affirmation that’s presented.*Faith is a acceptable way to be wrong.*Faith can be an alibi to acquire annihilation and everything; whatever you want.*You can acquire acceptance that the Bible is true. You can acquire acceptance that the Bible is not true. Therefore, it is accessible that acceptance is not a alleyway to truth.*Just because a abstraction (like Santa Claus) is articular doesn’t accomplish it true.*Religious acceptance does not blow aloft beastly adherence but aloft beastly emotions. We allege of acceptance if we ambition to acting affect for absolute evidence.*It’s not that I’m adequate not knowing, it’s that I’m added afflictive bold that I know.*If you acquire that it is accessible that a God exists and has done X, Y & Z, how did you in fact admission at that cessation that a God who did X, Y & Z is in actuality accessible and in actuality exists? Cite your evidence.*My behavior are based on affirmation (i.e. – the Sun will acceleration tomorrow morning), not on faith.*If you can’t appearance it, you don’t apperceive it.*A astute man accommodation his acceptance to the evidence. (David Hume)*Faith is the alibi bodies accord if they acquire something and don’t acquire a acceptable reason. (via Matt Dillahunty)Regarding Adoration & Miracles*If you acquire in prayer, afresh why would you bother with bloom allowance and visits to the doctor?*Miracles are the appropriate agency and agency on the acceptance that God works at cantankerous purposes to accustomed agent (which He Himself established) rather than through accustomed account – which beneath the affairs is a rather aberrant affair to do.*Take two aspirin and afresh adjure that your cephalalgia goes away!*If there is an absolute God afresh there is no charge for miracles on the area that blockage is bigger than cure. And if there is an all-knowing God afresh there is no charge for your prayers.*Even if your adoration is answered, that doesn’t beggarly of call that God answered it. Conceivably it was a bewitched brownie – how could you tell?Regarding Morality*The theist altercation that you can’t be moral AND be an agnostic is just an exercise in authentic bigotry. The aforementioned applies to some laws that prohibit atheists from continuing as candidates for accessible office.*Sin, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and if there should be abundant beholders afresh such sin is allowable adjoin and becomes adjoin the law of the land. But what a sin is to one getting ability not be a sin according to their next aperture neighbour. Something ability be advised in this ambience but not in some added context. What’s advised a sin today ability not acquire been so advised bygone and ability not be so advised tomorrow. What constitutes a sin in one ability is not of call a sin in another’s culture. So sin has in fact annihilation to do with deities pontificating absolutes from on high.Regarding Heaven & Hell*If you’re in heaven you’re happy. But if your admired ones are in hell, afresh you are unhappy. There’s a bucking inherent in this observation.Regarding Prophecy*How can you verify that any Biblical apocalypse was fabricated before-the-fact; afore the accident prophesized? Bodies aren’t consistently honest in their claims and Biblical dating is beneath than an exact science.*Are prophecies amazing or mundane? If you adumbrate a tornado in Tornado Alley – no big deal. If you adumbrate one in Antarctica – able-bodied that’s different.*How continued do you acquire to delay afore a apocalypse loses its validity? If you adumbrate something but leave the end date accessible and the apocalypse eventually happens, does it calculation as a “hit”? So, no advancing predictions allowed.*Prophecies acquire to be accessible but such that anyone can’t advisedly act to accompany that apocalypse to fruition. Prophecies aren’t accustomed to be manipulated.*Prophecies acquire to be falsifiable.*Coincidences happen. Accord with it.*Proposing God as the best account for a accomplished apocalypse requires you to authenticate that, starting with a affirmation that God in actuality exists. Even if a apocalypse does appear accurate it doesn’t beggarly that there is a God or that a God is in actuality responsible.*Make abundant prophecies and some will appear true, abnormally if they are ambiguous and accessible to interpretation. Also, to drag your cachet as a prophet, almanac all of the “hits” and don’t acknowledgment the “misses”.Regarding the Bible*There are assorted versions of the Bible in assorted translations. Which adaptation is THE version, abnormally if we don’t acquire the originals?*Many theists say that the aboriginal anatomy of the Bible is THE absolute version. Alas, that’s just an affirmation back such theists acquire no admission to THE aboriginal back there are no aboriginal versions.*But in the Bible it says… Why can’t you prove your point after appliance the Bible?*But in the Bible it says… Yes, and in “Gone with the Wind” it says, and in the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” it says and in every book in actuality it says. So what?*Why does the Bible acquire such diffuse sections on who begat who? Why should anyone care? Boring!*Contrary to accepted opinion, the New Testament doesn’t abate or altercate adjoin any of the nasties in the Old Testament (i.e. – like slavery).*So you apprehend this ‘holy’ book accounting bags of years ago and accordingly because of that book, you can now asperse a accumulation of bodies (LGBT’s, women, atheists, etc.) and amusement them as even accepting beneath account than even additional chic citizens.*The greatest adventure anytime told: The goat-herders adviser to the Universe. (via Lawrence Krauss)*The Bible is accurate because the Bible says it is true: 2 Timothy 3: 16.*You charge way added absolution for the abnormal than belief told in the Bible.*If you apprehend Jonah, affiliate 2, you will calendar a lot of things that Jonah said while central the ‘whale’ or abundant fish. Jonah was abandoned central the ‘whale’ or abundant fish. Who the hell was accordingly autograph down what Jonah said central the ‘whale’ or abundant fish?Regarding the Exodus*God tells Moses (who in about-face enlists Aaron) to go to the Egyptian Pharaoh to let His bodies (the Israelites) leave Egypt and out of the chains / bullwork that they were subjected to (Exodus 3: 10), which they do (Exodus 5: 1). Pharaoh gives them the boilerplate finger, so God gives the Egyptians (note: not just Pharaoh) a few plagues to accord with. If Pharaoh says to Moses and Aaron – piss off – God hardens Pharaoh’s affection in adjustment to ensure that Pharaoh will never let His bodies go, in absolute bucking to what He capital in the aboriginal abuse place. God’s acutely been smoker the acceptable stuff.Regarding God*(A) Cats exist. (B) Pixies Exist. (C) Zeus exists. (D) God exists. Question: Is (D) added affiliated to (A) or to (B) or to (C) and what is the affirmation for your conclusion?*I do not acquire acceptable acumen or affirmation to acquire that Pixies abide translates into my adage that Pixies don’t exist. You’ll not get an argument. I do not acquire acceptable acumen or affirmation to acquire that God exists translates into my advertence that God doesn’t exist. You’ll now get an argument. But what’s altered in assumption amid the two translated statements?*If you allocution to God you’re religious. If God talks to you, you’re psychotic.*What are the allowance that God exists and in fact how do you account that?*God did it. Accordingly there’s no charge to attending any added for an explanation.*How can you affirmation or say that you acquire a claimed accord with God if you can’t accommodate any affirmation for the absolute actuality of that God?*Why don’t bodies who allegedly get claimed letters from God get letters that in actuality acknowledge some array of new section of ability that cipher knew afore but which can now be verified?*How appear Hindus don’t get claimed letters from the Christian God?*If God is immaterial and invisible, that’s a God who is duplicate from a God that doesn’t in actuality exist. If your God doesn’t apparent Himself in absoluteness in a apparent way that ties anon to that God afresh His actuality is logically agnate to His non-existence. (via Matt Dillahunty)*I don’t apperceive in fact what ability argue me that God exists, but God should know. So why doesn’t God strut His getting and argue me? So either God doesn’t abide or God doesn’t ambition me to apperceive He exists. In either case, that’s not my problem. The blade stops with God.*God done it! That just codifies an account for the absolute explanation.*Postulating that God done it is just a analogue for ignorance.*Either there isn’t any God or there is a God who doesn’t in fact ambition us to apperceive that there is a God because if God in fact capital us to apperceive He exists He would acquire provided us with absolute affirmation of His existence.

*If there is no absolute affirmation that God exists (and there’s not), and yet God exists, afresh acutely God is in fact A-OK with not accouterment absolute affirmation for His existence.*Even if God exists that does not of call construe into a God that’s in actuality aces of getting worshipped.*If God wants to be admirable afresh He will stop changing about and cease arena hide-and-seek. You can’t adoration a phantom.*No rational getting would acquire at face amount the accepted arguments for the actuality of God unless they were already agreeable to be of the assessment that the cessation was true. In added words, cessation first; arguments in abutment of second.*Does God in actuality abide is a yes-or-no question. Yes-or-no questions are absitively by absolute evidence. What’s the absolute affirmation that God in actuality exists?*What affectionate of busted up celestial requires acceptance instead of evidence? Conceivably a human-invented deity, a celestial created in the angel of humans, a celestial for which no absolute affirmation exists.*If we acquire a accustomed problem, let’s break that botheration by postulating that a abnormal getting has the appropriate characteristics to break said accustomed problem. For example, lightning. Thor done it.*How can you analyze amid your God actually, admitting it mentally ‘talking’ to you against just cerebration (or hallucinating) that God is ‘talking’ to you?*Why does an absolute God charge His bitter beastly middlemen to accession money on His behalf?*God is awry back He created bodies which were so awry that God had to clean them about all out, except for Noah and ancestors and alpha over afresh from about scratch.Regarding God’s Conception & the Aboriginal Cause Argument*Just as an artist may architecture a abode doesn’t of call beggarly that the artist will in actuality body the house. In like fashion, the artist of the Conception (assuming such a artist exists in the aboriginal place) doesn’t of call beggarly that the artist in actuality afresh went on to actualize the Conception (assuming of advance an absolute creator).*Theists are the ones authoritative the absolute affirmation that God done it. The accountability of affidavit rests on their shoulders. If God done it, they charge to show: 1) that God in actuality exists; 2) that God could do it; 3) that God capital to do it; and 4) that God in fact done it.*Regarding God done it, accede this analogy. A appearance in one of our (human-generated) video / computer games, or even one of our software-generated bogus ‘life’ forms would acquire to achieve that there was a bound alpha to their basic world; its conception allegedly from annihilation at all. They would aspect this to abnormal deities (or a deity), but they would be wrong. Bodies (computer software programmers) aren’t abnormal and aren’t bona-fide deities (though some emperors, pharaohs, etc. were advised to be gods). Their basic mural wasn’t the alpha – there was a afore their alpha – and their basic mural wasn’t created out of in fact nothing, although there’s no way for them to apperceive that.Regarding God Getting Omnipotent*If God is so abuse powerful, why didn’t He get rid of Satan at the get-go?Regarding the God of the Gaps*You cannot explain a mystery, an unknown, by ambrosial to an even bigger mystery, an even bigger unknown, by something that is in itself unexplained.Regarding God’s ‘Morality’*Premise: If God does not abide afresh cold moral ethics and duties do not exist.Amended to: If God does, or does not abide afresh cold moral ethics and duties do not exist.Premise: Cold moral ethics and duties do exist.Amended to: Cold moral ethics and duties do not exist.Conclusion: Accordingly God exists.Amended to: Accordingly whether or not God exists is in fact extraneous to the abstraction of moral ethics and duties.*Premise: If Pixies do not abide afresh cold moral ethics and duties do not exist.Premise: Cold moral ethics and duties do exist.Conclusion: Accordingly Pixies exist.P.S. This makes reasonable apostolic faculty to me!*God can’t be wrong. Why? Because we accept that God can’t be wrong.*Forgiveness by anyone you acquire wronged is allegedly way beneath important than getting forgiven by your God.*The boilerplate getting is about above to God based on readings from the Old Testament.*If you attending at the getting in scripture and you see a admiring God, afresh you acquire a torn faculty of morality.*Sins are sins just because the Bible (i.e. – God) says so and not because a sin is of call traveling to abuse anyone or association at large.*If you acquire that God is in fact moral, would you be accommodating to accountable yourself to God’s morality?*God is about inferior to not alone me, but to 99.9% of all humans. The boilerplate beastly is decent. God’s an abandoned thug.*Morality relates to beastly abundance (or for that amount the abundance of all added animals). God has approved that He does not acquire either beastly or beastly abundance at the top of His calendar as frequently approved in Old Testament texts.Regarding Jesus*Jesus loves you – right? Able-bodied shouldn’t you prove that Jesus in actuality existed aboriginal and afresh brainstorm on what Jesus does?* There is no evidence, added than the Bible, that Jesus and his 12 buddies are any added absolute than Robin Hood and his amusing men.Regarding Atheists & Atheism*Atheism is just a abandoned position on a abandoned issue.*The acumen atheists don’t acquire in the Bible is because atheists acquire apprehend the Bible.*Religious abandon includes abandon for those who don’t acquire a religion.*If marriages are all-powerful by God, what does that say about marriages amid two atheists?*A able appliance of scepticism to adoration and religious claims usually leads to atheism.*If you abhorrence God (or Jesus or Satan or angels, etc.) afresh you are not an atheist.*Everyone is in actuality built-in an atheist.